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Career Advice

Here is a selection of links which you might find helpful and encouraging while working your way through your Master's or PhD. 

General Wisdom

On Conference Papers and Posters

* Conference paper guide from Claremont Graduate University

Advice On Writing Papers

  • Don't delay in writing a result once you think you have proved it. Force yourself to sit down and write down the proof there and then.
  • Writing half a page a day would give you a thesis in a year. Don't be afraid to sit down and write down some ideas.
  • [ MathSciNet] provides an excellent way of getting Bibtex entries. Google scholar is also very good. Go to Settings -> Bibliographic Manager and choose Bibtex for "Show links to import into." Then whenever Google Scholar returns search results you will see a link for "Import into Bibtex."
  • Practice LaTeX! Do all your homework in it.