Co-Presidents: Bryan and Eli

  • Serve as liaisons between graduate students and the department faculty and staff
  • Keep the committees on track to fulfill their responsibilities
  • Chair officer meetings

Treasurer: Briton and Ryan T.

Support: –

  • Manage SGSA bank account
  • Handle reimbursements for SGSA
  • Arrange for funding from industry contacts

Graduate Assembly (GA) Delegate: Jake C. and Benji

Alternate GA Delegate: –

  • Attend monthly GA meetings
  • File paperwork for GA funding at the beginning of each semester
  • Keep SGSA updated on GA happenings


Student Seminar Committee

Head: Joe, Billy, Lihua, Olivia Support: –

  • Organize student seminars
  • Organize grad student talks at Berkeley-Stanford and Berkeley-Davis Colloquia

Internal Social Committee

Head: Frank, Zoe, Michael Support: –

  • Organize weekly Friday wind-downs
  • Host foosball tournaments each semester
  • Organize one-off social events for special occasions (e.g. Pi day)
  • Run T-shirt design contest

External Social (Party) Committee

Head: Feynman, Xiao, Zoe, Jake Soloff, Dan, Tiffany, Ella Support: –

  • Organize Fall Party and Spring Picnic

Hospitality Committee

Head: Hue, Joe, Koulik, Taejoo Support: –

  • Attend the weekly Freedman lunch
  • Welcome Neyman seminar speakers and faculty candidates at weekly lunch
  • Match up prospective/incoming grad students with current grad mentors
  • Organize the Visit Day happy hour

Diversity Committee

Head: Jake Soloff, Olivia, Amanda, Jake Spertus

  • Organize the fall and spring women’s lunches
  • Host the annual gender issues discussion

Web Committee

Head: Yuansi, Miyabi, Alan, Michelle

  • Maintain and organize the SGSA site (and files, e.g. pictures, on wiki)
  • Maintain the SGSA Google calendar
  • Maintain the SGSA Facebook page
  • Pursue other committees to contribute content to the wiki
  • Maintain wiki page with advice on what incoming students need to do and whom they need to contact to do it