SGSA event funding

These instructions are current as of Fall 2016.

The amount and source of funding for every event planned for the upcoming year should be clearly outlined in a budget submitted to the department (e.g. to Laura Slakey) by the SGSA presidents at the beginning of the Fall Semester every year.

There are three sources of funding:

  • The department: The bulk (~$2,000 per year) of the funding of the funding comes from the department. This should cover big department events such as the Fall and Spring party.
  • The GA: we tend to request $1,000 per semester from the GA for events. This should cover primarily grad student events such as the foosball tournaments.
  • T-shirt sales: we tend to budget $500 from the t-shirt sales money per year. Since the GA and department funding does not cover alcohol (or soda, apparently), most of the funding for beverages will come from the t-shirt sales.

Prior to purchasing food

Prior to purchasing food for your event you need to do the following:

  • Contact the Treasurer and/or SGSA presidents to find out about what your budget is.
  • If your budget is split between multiple sources, be sure to make separate purchases. For example, have a receipt for alcohol separate from the food because alcohol must be reimbursed using t-shirt money.

Purchasing food

If you are purchasing food for the Fall and Spring parties, you can order ahead of time from Safeway. You must get to the online checkout point, and then take your laptop to the front desk in order to have Mary use the department card to finalize the purchase. Please email her ahead of time to find a time that works for her as she’s busy!

If you are purchasing food for the foosball tournaments, you typically need to pay yourself and get reimbursed. It is often easiest to do a Costco run either on the day of or the day before the event. Pizza should be ordered in advance and picked up from La Vals on the day of the event.

If you are purchasing food for smaller events such as student seminars, you will also need to pay for the food yourself and then get reimbursed.

During the event

During the event, you need to make sure that you get a list of attendees. It is often easiest to send out an RSVP form or spreadsheet to get a list of the people who intend to come, and then just print this out and let people add their names if they didn’t RSVP.

Getting reimbursed

NOTE: Do this ASAP after the purchase has been made.

In order to get reimbursed, you need to do the following:

  • Save all of your receipts!
  • If you bought things with the t-shirt money (i.e. alcohol), the treasurer will reimburse you directly.
  • If you use department funds, you need to submit an Entertainment Reimbursement Request to Laura Slakey, and contact the treasurer if you need help filling it out.
  • If you have other non-food expenses, check with Laura to see if they can be reimbursed and what additional forms you need to fill out.
  • Finally, if you’re using GA money, talk to the treasurer well before the end of the semester as the process can take time and they won’t reimburse things after a certain date.
  • To get reimbursed by the GA you need to follow the procedure outlined in the Callink GA tutorial which is quite detailed. The Reimbursement page in particular is useful.