Welcome to the home of Outliers SC, the unofficial sports club of the Berkeley Statistics department!

The graduate department has had a long standing tradition of playing sports together in Berkeley’s intramural sports leagues. Along with members of the Biostatistics graduate program we form a variety of teams. If you have interest in potentially getting involved, contact Geno (gaguerra at berkeley dot edu). We play in primarily co-ed teams, so having men and women from the department is important.

We play seasons in both the Fall and Spring semesters, one game per week for a span of seven weeks, plus playoffs in each semester. For those who stick around, we also have a summer soccer team. The teams range in their level of competitiveness, and it also varies from semester to semester.

Our current IM sports teams are:

Speed Soccer: Outdoor 6 vs 6 co-ed

Volleyball: Indoor 6 vs 6 co-ed

Former teams:

  • Ultimate Frisbee (co-ed)
  • Basketball
  • Futsal (indoor soccer)
  • Softball Other IM sports team? If you feel like starting a new Outliers team, or reviving one of the past, please let us know! Check out for all that Cal’s intramural leagues offer.

Love playing but don’t want to join a team? We love to get together on weekends and play pick-up sports. Contact Geno (gaguerra at berkeley dot edu) or post in the SGSA Facebook page if you’d like to get involved.